Outside the Classroom

  • Staggered entry and exit with students of different classes being called 20-30 minutes apart.

  • Compulsory thermal checking and hand sanitising at the school entrance.

  • Signboards and stickers across the school, reminding students of safety precautions.

  • A 'quarantine room' to isolate anyone who develops symptoms.

  • Limited students allowed in the washroom at a time.

  • Restricted movement between classrooms, the library and labs. No movement outside class for no reason.

  • Students with even mild symptoms/illness to not be allowed to attend.

Inside the Classroom

  • Limited number of students in a classroom in accordance with social distancing norms.

  • Masks to be worn at all times, hand sanitisers in every room.

  • Only one student on a bench. 

  • Students to not share books, stationary or lunchboxes.