General Rules and Policies

  • Students are not allowed to have money in their possession. 

  • The use of any personal electronic items, mobile phones, etc., by the students will lead to strong disciplinary action.

  • Use of obscene language is not expected of students.

  • The school has a zero tolerance policy for any form of physical violence.

  • The act of bullying or intimidation are considered very serious and will be strongly condemned by the school.

  • Students must respect school property. Vandalism and theft will not be tolerated. Any offence of this nature will be considered serious and serious action will be taken.

  • Books, texts and library need to be cherished. Defacing, stealing of books is an offence and will invite consequences.

  • Students should avoid all words or actions which could be taken as sexual advances.

  • The possession, consumption, dealing with alcohol, tobacco or any substance by students is a serious offence and will lead to immediate expulsion. 


Discipline and integrity should form the basis for all academic practices. The following acts of non-compliances will invite consequences as deemed fit by relevant authority:


  • Wilful destruction of work done by other students

  • Passing off a fellow students work as one’s own

  • Using unfair means during examinations 

  • Plagiarism

Leave Rules

  • Those children who are away from the school for more than seven consecutive days, without permission, may have their names removed from the school register and will be readmitted only if there is any vacancy and on payment of the school admission fee

  • Incase a student is absent from school on account of illness that lasts for more than four days, the leave application must be supported by a medical certificate from a registered doctor. 

  • Granting leave is entirely up to the discretion of the Principal.

Promotion Policy

  • The pass percentage is forty percent and passing in Hindi and English is compulsory for promotion to the next class.

  • Evaluation of academic performance will be based on the tests and examinations conducted from time to time.

  • Promotion depends on the work of the entire year and regular attendance of the child.

Withdrawal Policy

  • A minimum one month notice must be provided in advance incase of a withdrawal from the school. All dues must be cleared before a Transfer Certificate can be issued. 

  • The application for Transfer Certificate and refund of Security Deposit will be entertained only within a period of six months from the date of absence from the School and not later.

  • A sum of Rs.200/- will be charged for issuance of the Transfer Certificate.

  • If a student is withdrawn before completing a full academic year, complete fee for the remaining part of the year has to be paid. 

All rules and regulations that are in force are binding upon the pupils and the parents. Ignorance of the current rules and regulations is not an excuse for lack of compliance.