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For the Parents

We request parents to support their children and try to understand them. Parents must help their children explore their potentials, have faith in their exploration beyond outlines of subjects, and become all that they dream of.

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Safety First

The school building structure at Doon Scholars is safe and sound and complies with the norms of Building Safety. The school ensures proper Fire Safety norms. Once the child enters the school, he/she cannot leave the school premises until a gate pass is issued to either the parent or guardian of the child. 

Arriving at School

At Doon Scholars, we promote discipline and make sure that all students are in school on time. We also provide transport facilities on parent's request.




Holidays & Absence

  • Students should attend school on a regular basis. Ninety percent (90%) attendance is mandatory for promotion.

  • Leave of absence for 3 or more days is granted on a previous written application from parents or guardians.

  • Attending school on the first and last day after each vacation is mandatory. Action would be taken against defaulters.


Healthy Eating Habits

We at school promote healthy eating habits and request parents to send healthy food with their ward. We suggest habits that promote fresh home-cooked food not just for school, but at home as well. 

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